June 7, 2018

Green Tea, Chick Peas and Curcumin

Drinking 4 mugs of green tea helps to prevent against heart disease, dementia, and type 2 diabetes.  Colorado State researchers add that green tea could help slash your risk of uterine and ovarian cancers by 36%  The EGCG active compound destroys cancerous clls without harming healthy tissues.  Brew your own as it is better than bottled green tea.

Chickpeas help to protect your breasts.  Eating three cups weekly could cut your breat cancer risk by 24% according to UCLA researchers.

Tumeric or curcumin as a pinch in your daily diet can help to cut your risk of colon cancer by 33%.  It helps to stave off polyps.  1/4 tsp or a 500mg supplement is recommended by Canadian researchers.

But remember before adding or starting any new type of nutritional program  or supplements to check with your health care practitioner.

Ageless Living is our birthright.  I love you!

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