As a young child I had mystical experiences and a strong but undeveloped intuition which terrified my parents.  I was naturally happy and joyful.  I married young and had four beautiful children.  I stayed home to raise my children until I realized I couldn't grow spiritually and fufill my purpose within the relationship.  In 1987 I bought Louise Hays book, I Can Heal Myself and the door cracked open spilling so much unconditional love from the Creator.

In 1989 I moved my children to Simon Fraser University to attain a degree in Business Administration.  I graduated in 1992 with my B.B.A. in marketing and organizational behavior.  I began working for Equity Magazine in the fall of 1992 telemarketing a points book.  I became the contract publisher writing ad copy and selling ad space.  In 1993, I discovered the Internet and an application that would allow you to create a website by uploading an image and typing descriptions.  I could put my magazines online with 24/7 advertising.  I was also media trained for Radio and TV.

In 1994 I bootstrapped two companies: C.N. Wylie Group Inc. and Strategic Profits Inc.  I now had to create my own income streams to feed, cloth, house, and educate my children as a single mother.  I worked to develop applications online and in 1996 bought my first gateway for online payments.  I partnered with RBC to roll out seminars across the country to show businesses and charities the future online.  As you can imagine people thought we were from another solar system but I had faith.

Over the years we developed our technology and skill sets for IT payment security and applications for business and charities.  All the while working on my spiritual growth and attempting to figure out how to merge my businesses and spirituality into one.  I finally figured out that they were already one as we had always been about being socially conscious and creating positive change.

So I trained to fine tune my intuitive gifts and the Gaine Center was born. The creation of an  online healing community so  I could continue to share my gifts of helping people wake up, raise their inner consciousness and thus the collective consciousness so we flip this planet into peace and harmony.  Basically I crack open the door for people to let in the light to their soul, to expand their light,  and once that happens there is no going back.  It is all about helping people become their own guru's as everyone is the director of their own movie, the commander of their ship.  Nothing is impossible!  I love my work and I love you all.  Surrounding you with love, blessings and gratitude always.