About Catherine

I was born in Duncan, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, June 1, 1955. An only child, my parents, Elwood, Elaine, and I lived in a little logging town called Gordon River outside of Honeymoon Bay until I was four. We moved to Nanaimo in 1959 and early one morning when my grandparents were visiting, they whistled for me to come into their bedroom to snuggle and play. I loved lying in bed when they visited, as I was awake usually by 6am. I would lie in my bed in great anticipation waiting for my grandfather Ambrose to whistle, the signal that I could run in and jump into bed with them...

This particular morning, the whistle came, so I ran in and went to the window in their guest room first. I looked out and I saw Jesus Christ. I remember looking into the most incredible eyes which embraced and filled my being with such incredible love. It was in that moment...calling for my grandmother to come and see Jesus, that I consciously remembered Home... and my Oneness with the Creator of All That Is.

From that moment on, my Devotion, Belief in God the Creator was unshakeable. I have never once questioned the existence of the Creator of All that Is or other mystical creatures.  It has been an amazing gift.  My Faith has always sustained me through any darkness and storms of learning I created for myself!  I AM truly thankful and grateful for my very Blessed life!

I have pushed the envelope, the outer bounds of realty ever since seeing Jesus as I believe what the world calls reality is an illusion of group consciousness, the training ground for our evolution and the graduation of this planet.  

I believe that we as individuals  have the ability to create the life we want to live if we are willing to choose to learn the tools we need for change and take the necessary action to make it happen .  We are all Sparks of God, One with God the Creator of all that is!  And it is through my pursuit of becoming and being the change I would like to see in the world that drives me forward in my Businesses and my Spiritual work.


Blessings, Love and Light xo

Catherine Wylie
Founder, GAINE Center for Spiritual Progress
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