GAINE Foundation


A world without poverty, hatred, crime, war, pollution, or animal cruelty. A world in which gender equality is reality where men and women work together without shame, denegration and violence to assure their families and communities create permanent sustainable revenues to support themselves and their communities world-wide.


To support and facilitate men and women working together to create sustainable revenues for their families and communities thru education, training and technology. We will ultimately support the raising of the consciousness of the populace so that these issues are no longer prevalent in their society.


  • Hunger
  • Poverty
  • Fear
  • Hatred
  • Violence
  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Human Slavery
  • War

We support gender equality, particularly focusing on empowering women to co-create a supportive environment. An environment that establishes and maintains human responsibilities and rights in such a way that it honors the role of each gender without denigrating or shaming men.

To support the evolution and graduation of our planet through education, training and leadership inspired action to assure that all who inhabit the planet can count on a sustainable present and future.

To support charitable programs that provide education, training, and funds to assure the humane and respectful treatment of the animal kingdom.


  • Work with existing charities such as Oxfam, Canadian Feed the Children, Greenpeace, BCSPCA, Alberta SPCA, OSPCA, WSPA Canada and US to meet the objectives of the Foundation.
  • Create training workshops empowering men and women through the identifying and removal of negative beliefs and blocks.
  • Providing micro loans for men and women to establish sustainable businesses to provide their families and communities with healthy food, (especially clean water), safe and comfortable shelter, health care and appropriate education.
  • Working with established charities and organizations world-wide to create and support re-education (which will become legislation) so that gender equality is established in such a way that both genders are acknowledged for their uniqueness.