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Introducing Ageless: Evolving Through Love from Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminous.  The New Human

Your Soul is Ageless so why does your body have to age?  This Ageless Living pilot course is an online 7 week program.  During each of the 7 weeks we will discuss the limiting programs that contribute to the aging process  and download the teachings that will allow you to attain and maintain an ageless body, mind and soul.  This will aid in motivating the evolution of you from homo sapien into homo luminous.  The pilot course will evolve beyond the 7 weeks.

Week 1: Introduction to Ageless Living

Week 2: Increasing your Consciousness

Week 3: The importance of Telomeres

Week 4: Telomeres and the Separation from God the re-alignment of mind, body, soul into Oneness

Week 5: What has nutrition, sleep and stress  got to do with Agelessness?

Week 6: What does breathing, meditation and exercise got to do with Agelessness?

Week 7: Evolving from Homo Sapiens into Homo Luminous

Time: 6pm - 8pm Online - It is open 24/7 so you can listen when it is convenient for you as often as you would like.

Dates: It is online and available 24/7

Instructor: Catherine Wylie

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Price: $110.00 CAD