June 6, 2018

Love, Laughter and Joy

The Creator of All That Is energy of pure unconditional love sifts out all negativity over time so you just have to let the energy do its work.  Laughter is always the best medicine in all situations.  And Joy.  Joy is our birthright as Divine Sparks of God so no matter what is happening pull joy back through your cells because feeling love and joy is why you came to this planet.   

My life is blessed with 5 amazing children, 8 grandchildren and one more little man about to enter the world and there is nothing more joyful than a courageous soul rocking through his birth canal to take his place as a great gift to our planet.

My work is about assuring in combination with our community we raise the collective consciousness high enough to bring this planet into peace and harmony and that only comes through love, joy, kindness and compassion with healthy boundaries. 

So focus on love, joy and laughter no matter what.

I love you!


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