June 5, 2018

Intimidation, Harassment, Bullying and Protection Orders, Oh My!

The narcissistic sociopathic predator controlling abusive bully in the flesh in your energy field is something to behold.  I had the best laughs today which I will share with you soon as the entire strategy  continues to unfold.  My door wide open to show me the full extent of the intimidating bullying abuse and its next victim of predatation.  It thinks I am in its trap line.  When quite the reverse is true which will all be revealed soon. 

This planet has been brought to the brink of the 6th mass extinction because of these bullying creatons.  And they cloak themselves in the guise of being on the side of the light when their cells are filled by the virus of darkness.  As they rage to punish and bring vengence.  They are cowards and pussy's as they can only use hatred, abuse, neglect, violence and abandonment to get their way.  

The Cabal is falling and the lower lords/reptoids are in the last grab see how bad they can make it before being extinguished by the light.  This one is in for the biggest fall of all as all it wants is to bring me harm.  So so sad for it as the truth will out.

I am so blessed to have had this all revealed and I am so grateful for the opportunity to create the resources, techniques, and methodologies that will bring it the deserved consequences for this abusive bullying, hatred and vengence.  The solutions that will help so many women here and around the world.  The ugliness of the refusal of it in accepting responsibiilty for its actions is the key to unlocking the unconciousness intent toward women and power over, domination and control that is responsible for domestic violence, violent crimes, rape, serial killing and pedophilia.   

I am creating the predator series for clearing so these things can be easily recognized no matter their ability to talk the talk but never walk the walk.  I have had the best teacher and for that I am grateful!  Archangel Michael will take care of the rest as He is the best demon vanquisher in the Omniverse.  I am blessed with the very best life in every way!  And so it is!

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