June 2, 2018

Reverse Aging in Surprising Ways

The researchers at Georgia Regents University that a high-salt diet speeds aging by shortening your telomeres.  If you crave salt switch to oregano.  Oregano stimulates the same  taste buds as salt...so use oregano for seasoning instead of salt.

Sitting too much also shortens your telomeres so you need to move...stand up, garden, play hide and seek with your grandchildren and you will lengthen your telomeres.  They will regenerate.

The Mediterranean diet staples keep the bones dense by triggering production of the bone building cells that strengthen them.  Vitamin D-3 keeps your bones from being brittle.  1000 to 2000 IU daily.  Upping your D helps gone growth and locks calcium in place.  But remember to consult with your medical practitioner with any changes in your nutritional and exercise plans.

Sleep helps reverse aging.  Your telomeres need 7 hours minimum to maintain their healthy length for maitaining vibrant health.  It protects your brain as well. 

Taking 3mg to 6 mg of melatonin an hour before bed will healp your heart and provide a deeper sleep.  Mealtonin reduces stomach acid production and inflammation.  Melatonin can be as effective as PPI's

Belly breathing tightens the muscle that stops acid from splashing up into your throat.  So breath deeply for 10 minutes 3 x daily and your hearburn should vanish in about 8 weeks.

My favourite is snacking on blueberries.  If you ever feel off balance blueberries can bring an increase in coordination within 8 weeks due to their rich stores of potent antioxidant resveratrol.  Resveratrol guards against balance issues by helping build bone and maintain healthy circulation, ensuring our muscles get the oxygen-rich blood they need to stay strong.  1 cup of blueberries or resveratrol rich red grapes daily or 100mg supplement makes the difference.

Cardio fitness is critical for regenerating longer healthy telomere length.  Sipping mtach tea will boost fat burning by 18% and help you release extra weight by 100% over diet-soda that is filled with chemicals.  Matcha is like an igniter fluid so your metabolism fire burns hotter.  The EGCG compounds in match lower blood sugar by about 20% which causes belly-fattening insulin levels to fall dramatically.  And walking helps lower blood sugar combining walking and match tea sipping is a double whammy to fat release.  Wooohoooooo.

It is your choice to live agelessly with vibrant, vital health, abundance and prosperity in all areas of you life.  So live and shine your light brightly!

I love you!

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