June 10, 2018

Grandchild Number 9 arrived. Elwood Clarke Kakoske

Elwood Clarke Kakoske has arrived.  Grandson number 8 and little brother to my only granddaughter Vida.  I am blessed by the miracle of this child having the courage to be born into such an interesting time here on our planet.  Elwood is my father's name and Clarke is my daughters maiden name.  He will be called Clarke.  My parents, my grandparents, friends and Ray's family all of those in their heavenly frequency are celebrating with us right now.

Clarke's birth provides the opportunity for a re-committment to my work.  To work with my communities to help all those that wish to raise their personal vibrational consciousness into the vibration of integrated love and joy so that together we raise our collective consciousness into peace and harmony for every species and our mother earth.  So that we pull back from the rapidly approaching 6th mass extinction determined to extinguish humanity because of our centuries of power over, dominance and control.  Because we have been unable until these last few years evolve through love from struggle to thrival into new humans.

Clarke is a new human with gifts to share as he grows to help assure we all on this planet, Thrive.

Glamma loves you Clarke and will always have your back as I do for all of my children, grandchildren, friends and family!

I love you!

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