August 4, 2018

The Sophia Feminine Christ Consciousness - The Sophia Dragon Tribe

The Sophia Code is a love letter to humanity channeled by Kaia Ra.  This book is designed to help humanity love itself again by reclaiming our soverign divinity to truly integrate and cohere  as Divine Sparks of God in co-creation.  Kaia Ra was directed to the base of Mount Shasta so that Sophia Gaia could introduce Her High Council of Ascended Master teachers.  Kaia Ra was very intrigued by te appearance of the Seraphiel spiraling within Sophia's central field of light as a DNA helix of two magnificent pearlescent white Sophia Dragons.

And a core group of recognizable Divine Feminine Ascended Masters stepped forward to then greet Kaia Ra.  These are the first Keycode mentors of the Sophia Code cosmology to to revealed, Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, White Buffalo Woman and the Sophia Dragons.

Each Ascended Master has their own Keycode to provide initiation and mentorship in your leadership in being part of the ushering in of the Age of Miracles.  Each of us that undertakes our purpose of raising their personal consciousness vibration is thus raising the collective consciousness so that our reality of peace, harmony, abundance and prosperity as One for the!  The initiations are powerful as is the channeling.  i would suggest that you purchase the book and begin.  When I begin reading it the tears flowed as i released having to keep the secret of the Feminine Christ Consciousness.  The relief that flooded through my cells was beyond measure and it became so much more clearer why I had to go through a horrific initiation of standing up and into a storm of darkness unlike anything since I was 4 and 33.  I had been told I passed with flying colours but was confused as initiations were for me of the old world that I facilitate clearing so that we experience soul learning through positive virtues now...Ah no...not this time I was told...You had to stand up in this storm and blow it back without fear.  This initiation took you from journeyman facilitator into a new level of mastery of your skills as a spiritual teacher and leader.  Ok...and then the Sophia Codes appeared.  My faith in God and Jesus has been uwaivering since I was four and Jesus appeared to me but I never quite understood why all was so masculine.  My last course, Ageless 3 offering is all about clearing the masculine dna coding of power over, dominance and control to transform all into the teachings of empowerment of the Oneness.

The return of the Divine Feminine in full embodiment for all has brought balance to the Divine Masculine which has power overed and dominated and controlled this planet for centuries.  The balance has transformed power over into empowerment and the more we work to initiate the Sacred Feminine Ascended Masters Teachings the more empowerment without our selves to create the world within ourselves that then births the world without.  

And so these initiations of the Sacred Feminine Ascended Masters and the Sophia Dragons have brought a great peace into my cells of understanding at a deeper level of who I am and my leadership in what I came to accomplish.  We together bringing love to our planet and thus all of the Omniverse.  The Golden Age of Miracles.  So I encourage you to read the book and do the initations.

i will be creating the clearings through the Ascend Protocols in the new Connection-Re-connection series that will be ready end of September and you are welcome to join us for those.  I always knew why I decided to come to the planet.  But now it is crystal clear why i have spent years learning and practising my skils as we are the Golden Age of Miracles and all life is awakening to that.  I am committed to our communities here on earth and throughout the Omniverse to bring transformation and evolotion through love in all ways into our Oneness as new humans.  And committed as a devoted member of Archangel Michaels earthly demon removal assure that the darkest of demon human hybrids are all sent back to Creators light with love and the toughest of consequences for their actions.  The power over domination and control energies have brought us to the brink of the 6th mass extinction and it is humanity that will be eliminated unless we all together transform into empowerment.  The balanced sacred feminine and masculine Christ consciousness is our reality of peace.

Namaste!  I love you!

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