July 26, 2018

Ageless Living Tips

Yale researchers focus on reducing or eliminating sugar from your diet to reduce your heart and arterial damage risk.  By minimizing or eliminating sugar you can keep your blood pressure within normal range, stop plaque buildup, and reduce the risk of blood clots.  Check your labels for sugar servings or use an app that you can check to measure sugar level in food.

Sleep is important to keep your telomeres a healthy length and to have them regenerate.  Telomeres need a minimum of 7 hours sleep, un-interupted sleep per night.

Lycopene is a pigment that keeps tomotoes red will also slow aging of your skin, and the supportive elastin and collagen beneath it.  Lycopene will also block harmful UV rays which helps prevent wrinkles.  1/2 cup of tomatoes daily can help you look 5 years younger.

If you eat 3 cups of mushrooms weekly research has shown it slow brain aging 30% and stop the development of dementia.  Mushrooms contain ergothioneine and glutathione that together keep brain blood vessels strong and plaque free.  

Research has shown that by eating a cup of nuts weekly cuts your risk of heart arrhythmia by 18%.

Remember before you start any new nutrition or exercise program to consult with your health care practitioner to assure it works for you.

Namaste.  I love you!

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