December 14, 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Celebrations

This is my favorite time of year.  A time of reflection, contemplation of the year ahead, relaxation and rest for me.  I am blessed and grateful to have 5 beautiful children, their incredible spouses, 9 grandchildren, amazing friends and community to celebrate this joyous magical season of love, joy, and peace. It's Santa time and I believe! 

We have made great progress in not only raising our personal consciousness but the overall collective consciousness of the planet and Omniverse.  You acts of love, kindness and compassion are making a huge difference to every living species and our mother earth is feeling and listening to the positive changes we are making.  Our Star Elders are here to help us in our growth and evolution so that we are able to create a sustainable environment for humanity.  

So my Christmas Holiday wish for you is that you continue to create the life you want and deserve filled with love, joy, abundance, prosperity, and service.  That you continue in your Ageless Thrival strategies including self-care, self-kindness, and self-compassion.  Being in peaceful service to yourself creates Heaven on Earth within so that every living being throughout the Omniverse can experience Heaven on Earth.  

My gift to you to help you create Heaven on Earth within during the Holiday Season is this year's Holiday Celebrations Clearings and Positive Downloads.  So Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy Happy New Year!  2019 will be the best year yet!

I love you!

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