January 7, 2019

The I AM Positive Virtues Card Reader and Download Launch


We just launched the I AM Positive Virtue Card Reader and Downloads designed to further aid you in raising you inner consciousness to create Heaven on Earth within so that our planet may anchor the Golden Age of Miracles upon us now!  We launched with 40 cards and 71 more coming.  We will be adding more cards weekly.  We will be charging !.97 per month subscription after the first play.  There are different card readers out there but this is our proprietary technology.

Mark and I spent hours creating the card images.  I spent many, many more hours in meditation with the Creator energies to write the card messages and then facilitate the recording downloads from the Creator of All That is!  I am thrilled with the outcome and trust that they will help you in many ways move forward in your life as you choose.

So please enjoy these cards as they will become a feature of the Gaine Site over the next few weeks.  Thank you for your commitment to bringing peace and harmony to our world for all species, lives, and beings.  I am grateful to you.  I love you!
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