June 12, 2018

Newborn Baby Grandson Snuggles are the BEST!

My new little man is just adorable.  Perfect in everyway and surprisingly looks like my Dad Elwood and my 3 yr old grandson Henry.  Henry is definitely a Wylie/Payne combo whereas his brother Elliot is the mini-me of his father John.  Snuggling with my new little man was just blissful.  He has huge hands and wrapped his fingers in a firm grip around my finger love flowing between us.  My daughter was an incredible birth warrior as he came quickly and relatively easily considering it was a birth.

My grandson A.J. is the spitting image of his father Kyle, looking my Dad Elwood.  Charlie right now looks like his mom and Ethan well he is the spitting image of his Dad Wylie who depending on the expressions is my Dad Elwood or his Dad in combo.  Jack and Ben are the spitting image of their father with hints of Alana all around.  My granddaughter is a combo of her mom and her Dad..gorgeous, sweet and so so smart.  

I am blessed to have 5 healthy happy successful children.  I am blessed to now have 8 healthy, happy gorgeous grandsons and 1 beautiful, healthy happy granddaughter.  I really need a few more girls so hopefully one of my children step up to the plate.

I have heard people say we are overpopulated on this earth and that may be so but in the 40 Westernized countries our population is dropping and by 2050 all population will be dropping world-wide.

As we bring education to every person on this earth and assure sustainable food and clean water security for all lives  without abusing our mother earth, peace and harmony is the norm.  

Love resolves all things in the end no matter how contentious or ugly things get.  Love always wins in the end!

I love you!

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