March 3, 2024

And its March 3, 2024

Time seems to be on super sonic speed these days.  Sigh...Well my new baby  Bouvier Caragh went to her first dog show yesterday.  Savanna is my amazing dog walker/trainer and had never shown a dog before let alone a puppy, and was a Super Star with her.  Caragh won Best Baby Puppy for her Breed and 1st in her class of Herding Puppies.  Big deal for her first time out.  So thank you Savanna.  Good job by you both.  Next show is at the Saanichton Fair Grounds in July where she can actually win some points towards her championship.  I have been wanting to get one of my dogs into a show ring for 40 years and finally we are there.  Caragh was brought out my my friend Mary from Ontario.  Denice Cranston is her breeder..  Caragh is super zen.  Apparently the President of the Alberta Bouvier Club was at the show on Saturday and told Savanna he had never seen a Bouvier puppy that calm and chill.  So we knew that but it was nice to here it from an expert as well.

Caragh starts her certified service dog training next week.  I will get out of this wheelchair but regardless I want to be able to take her everywhere with me when I start travelling again.  The intention is this summer.

Keep the faith as the old world crumbles away its hard to understand it sometimes but Keep the Faith as we march towards the anchoring of the Golden Age.  It cannot be stopped.  It will get messier but its coming no matter what...I love you!

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