AgelessThrival™ 3 - The Empowerment Series, Transforming Power Over, Domination and Control into Empowerment. The New Human!

The Homo Sapien coding of Power Over, Domination and Control is the source of every problem on our planet keeping the consciousness levels at just over 200.  In order to flip this planet we need a minimum of 250 million people integrated at between 540 - 560 which is love and joy on the Dr. David Hawkins scale.  The sexual aspects of power over and dominantion play one of the most significant roles of disharmony between genders. 

This 7 week series will discuss and clear the unconscious programs that hold power over and domination within the male and female DNA transforming into the positive programs of  Empowerment of Positive Virtures of a balanced male and female energy. 

This online course begins January 30th, 2018. 

Location:  Online at the Gaine Center

Price:  $111.00 - special pricing for Alumni Ageless students

Instructor:  Catherine Wylie Pagliaro

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Price: $111.00 CAD