AgelessThrival™ 2

Your Soul is Ageless so why does your body have to age?  This is Part two of the AgelessThrival™ Living pilot course.  During each of the15 weeks we will discuss and release the limiting programs within each of  the body systems and our planetary ecosystems that contribute to the aging process.  

We will also download the relevant virtues, beliefs and feelings that will allow you to attain and maintain an ageless body, mind and soul. We include clearings and teachings preventing us from living in Oneness with our entire planetary ecosystem.  We cannot maintain our Ageless living lifestyle without living in harmony, respect and honor of every living species including our mother earth.

This will aid in motivating the evolution of you from the struggle of being homo sapien into the thrival life of homo luminous.  We will callibrate your starting overall consciousness level based on the 10 areas of consciousness of Clayten Steddman's consciousness transformation tool. The scale is measured utilizing the work of Dr. David Hawkins.

There are 15 sessions of 1.5 hours each of information and clearings of each of the body systems, the money series and the ecosystems.

Week 1:  Ageless 2 the Money System
Week 2:  Ageless 2 Nutrition
Week 3:  Lung and Muscles
Week 4:  Muscles and Skin
Week 5:  Skin, Teeth, Gums, Skeletal, Systems
Week 6:  Week 6 Skeletal, Brain/Neurological System
Bonus:  Money Series Continued
Week 7:  Brain, Eyes
Week 8:  Eyes,Ears
Week 9:  Endocrine
Week 10:  Endocrine, Digestive System
Week 11:  Liver,Pancreas, Lymph, Bladder, Kidneys
Week 12:  Sexual System
Week 13:  Part 2 of the Money Series
Week 14:  Part 3 of the Money Series
Week 15:  Ecosystems and Ageless Living Series completion

Once a month we will facilitate a clearing of any beliefs that have not cleared.

Enjoy your AgelessThrival™ Living Journey and feel free to contact me any time with questions and solutions!

Location: Online 24/7

Co-Creator with Creator: Catherine Wylie

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