My version of a healthy gluten free pancake with healthy Yacon syrup


2 tablespoons gluten-free flour - whatever plant-based flour you feel best with 2 tablespoons Quinoa flakes or ground quinoa 2 tablespoons fresh ground flax seeds 2 tablespoon ground Chia seeds 1 egg beaten 2 tablespoons fresh berries of your choice - blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry or combo water or cream to the consistency of pancake batter that is pourable


I grind my flax and chia seeds in my grinder so it is fresh...but organic bought is fine.  Just don't let it get rancid.  I buy organic Quinoa flakes or you can grind yourself into a meal of sorts.

So in a mixing bowl, I use a 2 cup measuring cup with a spout, combine the gluten-free flour, egg, quinoa flakes, flax and chia grounded seed with water or cream or milk (to your dietary requirements) so that it makes a pourable batter.  Once mixed add the berries.

Heat a pan or griddle and use coconut oil (MCL) or olive oil to prime the pan or griddle and pour the batter.  Makes two medium size pancakes.  Cook through both sides.

Serve with Yacon syrup. See the blog for an explanation on Yacon syrup.  Eaten daily in place of sugar it can help reduce your waistline, reduce digestive issues through its beneficial prebiotic components. 

There is zero sugar added other than what sugar compounds would be in your gluten-free flour.  My brand has 1g of sugar per 1/4 cup.  The quinoa, flax, chia have zero.  The berries and cream/milk will have some as well so gauge carefully the sugar in your ingredients.

I love this pancake.  I hope you do too.