AgelessThrival™ 4 - Connection-Re-Connection

The Connection Re-Connection series, AgelessThrival™ 4, is the latest 7-week online live recording to clear your unconscious limiting programming inhibiting you from creating loving, joyful, respectful, functional, fun, productive and passionate professional and personal relationships.  

Loving, balanced relationships are key to CONTINUING to raise your inner consciousness so that our collective consciousness rises into global peace and harmony.  Creating and Maintaining harmonious relationships will assure that you maintain your AgelessThrival™ Empowered lifestyle for as long as you choose no matter your chronological age!  Belief checks will follow each session for your to muscle check.  Any lingering limiting beliefs will be cleared in set times prior to or after the session in week 4 and week 7.

  • Week One:  What is your connection to you in your relationship with yourself.  Re-connecting with you is the key to successful professional and personal relationships
  • Week 2:  Who are you in your relationship with yourself and your family.  Re-connect in a healthy functional family relationship in the way you choose past, present, future
  • Week 3:  What is your connection with Friends.  Re-connect and maintain friendships based on positive virtues with healthy boundaries that are mutually supporting.
  • Week 4:  What is your connection with your Spouse, Partner, Date.  Re-connect together to create a Whole Mate relationship of your choice
  • Week 5.  Do you have any Predator, Power Over Relationships messing with your happiness?  Re-connect with your sovereignty to recognize and release any Predators in your life.
  • Week 6:  What is your connection with your Professional Colleagues.  Re-connect to create and maintain healthy functional communication to enhance increased productivity and teamwork.
  • Week 7:  What is your connection to Mother Earth, the Omniverse of Oneness.  Does it frighten you to think about the intelligence that exists with our humankind?  Re-connect with your Divine Beingness of All That IS and all of the positive beings we peacefully co-exist allowing yourself to maintain the optimal connection and re-connection in Oneness.  It is in this optimal relationship with our Oneness of all that assures our evolution through love into the Ageless Thrival of the New Human!

When:  Oct 9, 2018 - November 20, 2018 - recorded live and available for replay with belief checks

Time:  6:00 PM P.D.T - 7:30 PM P.D.T

Where:  Online:  Link to be sent out

Cost:  $111.00 - receive a special Promo Code 

Instructor:  Catherine Pagliaro

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Price: $111.00 CAD