June 2, 2019

June 1, 2019 Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day!

Well June 1, 2019, was Narcissistic AbuseAwareness Day!  And also my 64th birthday.  Welcome to the time of agelessthrival and global healing.  Throughout Ageless 4 Connection Reconnection we discuss Narcissism, Sociopathy, and Psychopathy.  Sociopaths are made and Psychopaths are born.  Sociopaths have a little bit of empathy and Psychopaths have none.  Their aim is to cause intentional harm whether it is financial, physical, emotional or spiritual.  Usually, all if they can.  We all have bits of narcissistic aspects to our personalities but full-blown. narcissism takes on a much bigger destructive level.  So why is this so predominant in our societies globally.

The Patriarchal dualism system was created for power over, domination, control, ownership and oppression over 6000 years ago.  Designed specifically to diminish all things feminine including our mother earth.  We all signed up for this men and women to see how far we could take self-destruction before we woke up and went oops...time to change this paradigm before mother earth exterminates us in the coming 6th mass extinction event.  The Patriarchy has three rules.  1.  Male financial and property inheritance.  2.  Control women's reproductive systems so you know the child is actually yours 3.  Women have sex only for procreation.  

As a result, we were all raised over centuries in covert or overt narcissistic power over families from mild to severe.  Power Over, Dominating and Controlling Men with submissive, subservient, owned sexual slave wives.  The Three Rules of the Patriarchy also allowed men to act out without responsibility for their behaviors in domestic violence and abuse. Which created all sorts of variants of Predators.  In today's world 80% of Predators are male and 20% female.  

In Canada, only 30% of Domestic Violence and Abuse is reported.  Why?  Because the patriarchal dualistic system is still so entrenched in our court systems and law enforcement.  Men are still believed over women on a general basis.  It takes far too long to get any justice as when the RCMP deem a situation domestic it pushes the power back into the abuser's hands to continue to abuse through intimidation, threats, harassment, and bullying.  It is difficult and frightening for so many targets (I don't like the term victim as we all sign up for our experiences in life before we come in) as they typically do not have the support and financial resources required for the long haul in bringing legal and financial consequences to the Predator Abuser.

What is ridiculous is that it costs the taxpayer about 7.6 billion dollars annually in the aftermath costs of domestic violence and abuse with pathetic repercussions for the perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse.  And why?  Circle back to women are owned.  Women in Canada only became persons in 1929 when the Alberta famous five brought a petition to the Supreme Court of Canada to have Women declared persons so we would no longer be OWNED.

The worst part about all of this is that our indigenous brothers and sisters were only declared persons in 1960 and given the right to vote.  And our first nations sisters are targetted 6x more than all other female cultures...Six Times...

So it is imperative that we together work towards healing Narcissistic Abuse.  We cannot remain silent when we are being abused or others are being abused.  It is a sickness within our society that we can work together to solve so that we transform through love Power Over, Domination, Control and Oppressions of all things feminine into Empowerment.  And of course to help the 20% of men that are targetted as well.  

A year ago it became apparent that I had been personally targetted for financial abuse schemes by a Predator.  Physical, emotional and verbal abuse, homelessness, my belongings were stolen and held for extortion with extended intentional financial and emotional harm and abuse.  Recovering from the trauma was no easy task and still ongoing, but once I was back standing with the help and support of an amazing legal team and friends all are now within a Supreme Court Action to bring the appropriate legal and financial consequences to this Predator and the sidekick.  I am grateful for this experience as it has allowed me to personally experience every aspect of widespread sickness in our society.  And I will not rest until we have effected positive change to assure that 70% of people targetted and traumatized by Predators who do not report the abuse for various reasons have the support they need so that they can speak their truth, that they are believed and validated and we are able to deliver the just and appropriate consequences to the perpetrators of harm.  

It is far past time to awaken to the narcissistic abuse, recognize its causes as it is reflected not just in our disrespect of each other as humans but in how we believe that we have the right to power over, dominate and abuse every species and our mother earth.  Time's Up on it all and I ask you to reflect on your own life and what positive loving action you can take to transform narcissism into empowerment for every life, species and our planet.

I remain grateful to you for all you are and all you do.  I love you!

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