September 5, 2018

Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat and Conference

The conference was everything I expected and more.  There were about 222 people all heart centre focused exuding unconditional love in every moment.  Every one there is committed to awakening everyone they can so that we evolve through love into the New Human and live as One with all life.  The Sasquatch was there as were so many Star beings and elders to support us.  We all have our Sasquatch guide and protector now and mine is a very large loving male being...I learned that the males smell like skunk and the females like beautiful flower scents.  I know when my bigfoot is around as the skunk smell is strong.  

The workshops were incredible.  I worked with a Navajo healing facilitator Garret Duncan who cleared the bits of residual trauma from this summer's abuse and reset me into complete loving harmony filled with abundance, prosperity and wealth.  I attended two magical galactic sound baths by the Chino's, a husband and wife touring the world healing through sound.  

I learned that my star ancestry is Pleiadian.  The research that is available proved to be a very accurate description of how I look and my purpose for being since a small child.  I have yet to learn the Pleiadian language but that will come as I met an incredible woman who teaches all of the star nation languages.

I was able to spend time talking with and listening to Clifford Mahooty:  He is an incredible Zuni Elder with so much intergalactic wisdom and knowledge.  I was mesmerized by him and look forward to spending more time with him in the future.  Hopefully, you can read the below about this amazing soul.  He is off soon to Switzerland for the first intergalactic contact meeting.  

Clifford Mahooty is a member of the Zuni Pueblo Indian Tribe of New Mexico. Mahooty is a retired civil/environmental engineer (BSCE-NMSU-1969) and worked in many projects with Shell Oil Company, US Federal Government in Environmental justice for Indian tribes, Tribal housing projects in the USPHS as a commissioned officer in water, waste water, and EPA enforcement in environmental compliance. Mahooty is active in the Zuni orders of the Kachina, Galaxy Medicine Society, Sun Clan leadership, and is a wisdom keeper of the Zuni history.

Of course, it was fun working with Clayten and Jeff co-founders of and then I was able to do some clearing work on power over into empowerment in my workshop.  And clearing anything preventing people from being able to communicate in the most appropriate way and time with the Sasquatch nation and Star beings.  During the closing prayer and water blessing Sept 3rd evening I was able to see a star ship that was hovering over our ceremonial circle.  At first when I looked up I could feel it more than see and then my vision became more acute and it came into a fuzzy like focus with some blinking lights.  It was freaking awesome as the Star nations are here and willing to work with us all to heal humanity so that we can stave off some of the worst of the 6th mass extinction and survive.

What a gift this labour day long weekend was for me.  I feel more grounded and in my heart centre than ever and filled with the knowledge that we have the Golden Age of Miracles underway right now.

Huge thanks to Kelly and Kewaunee Laperitis for hosting the conference for the third time.  I look forward to next year.

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