September 19, 2018

You Can Do and Be Anything and Everything!

Affirmations are incredible and can be made into a new habit in 21 to 28 days.  The fastest way to bring the instant creation of your do and be anything and everything is to the clear any of those limiting, blocking unconscious programs from your Core, Genetic, Soul levels and resolve them on the History level.  

1.  You carry within your the world of possibility as gorgeous, rich and amazing as any landscape of our earth.

2. Feel confident in thinking in terms of Big, Bigger and Biggest as you are a Divine Spark of the Creator with the Omniverse is the limit abundance and prosperity possibilities. 

3.  Live in Your Beingness of Success

4.  Dream Humungous as far as your heart can see and feel.  Vegas Baby March 29-31, 2018!

5.  Make the leap of faith and BELIEVE in miracles and BELIEVE  in yourself.

6. Faith requires Trust that as a Divine Spark of Creator in partnership with the Creator that you create your life and all things are perfect as they are delivered by your heart, through the journey of your soul.

7.  As a Divine Spark of the Creator Energies in partnership with the Creator you are creating your destiny in every moment of every day so CREATE from your heart center from love, kindness, compassion and empowerment!

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