July 1, 2019

Happy Canada Day!

Well, it is another beautiful day on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.  Who would have thought I would ever come back and love the Island after 30 years of gorgeous Mainland living and time in gorgeous Toronto.  It's peaceful, quiet and calm where I am.  The ideal for healing creations.  Doing another segment of Ageless Thrival cuisine today with Chef Geoff...flower eating and plant-based meat...lol...

I watched the Biggest Little Farm the other day and was so impressed...Did my best when we lived on our acreage in Nanaimo but not even close to what this couple accomplished.  They set the bar for how we need to move our empowered living in harmony with all ecosystems.  

Finished the last of the Lilith series for the summer last Tuesday.  Biggest learning with Lilith and wonder why my name isn't Lilith because my entire life was through that series.  Heartbreaking, insightful and huge healing.  I could hardly get the words out during part of the sessions as all the old limiting program pulled out of me as we cleared the unconscious storing and holding those patriarchal duality limiting programs.  It's listed as a separate course now, but still part of Ageless 4.

So the rest of the summer is research and working on editing the draft of the books.  Death Doors and Death thems won't leave me along as well as Healing the Healer/Coach...that is a big one as it encompasses so much, particularly business.  Death is such an interesting topic because we go through and clear in Ageless Thrival cohering your body, mind, and soul into its immortality so death is just a shedding of the current skin/vehicle you currently in the habit.  We choose and set so much as souls before coming through our birth portal including our exit strategy for our soul lesson's to move forward.  And so as we are Master Creator's of our lives, once you let go of the enslavement programming, we can reset our death door and death theme.

My grandmother was a blessed, old, wise and most positive soul.  She was my rock in my life until she chose her death door on June 19, 2014.  And her choice was to have breakfast and tell the staff she was tired and going to have a nap.  She went to sleep and took her last breath about 12:55 ish am June 19, 2014.  I was so blessed to be with her for that last breath and walk her to the hearse and watch her final trek of such a great life.  I  miss her every day.  She would always say to me...you know I will never leave you...you know that better than anyone even when I leave my body I am always with you...And she is...I just miss holding her hand even though I feel her touch when she knows I need her grounding...

So Death Doors and Death Themes will begin in late September after a few weeks of just relaxing and enjoy this gorgeous weather.

So Happy Canada Day and Happy Summer!  I am always grateful to you and always love you!

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