March 31, 2019

The Ageless Beautifying of Crystals

Crystals exude invisible molecules, negative ions that have a positive rebalancing effect on your skin, body, emotions and spiritual essence.  Every stone has its own unique healing frequency working within to regenerate your cells, increase circulation, collagen production and much more.

Make sure your crystals are clean and tumbled, no rough crystals so they do not damage the skin.  Make sure you have zero allergies and when in doubt consult with your traditional heal practitioner before undertaking any new techniques like the crystal work, nutritional programs or exercise.

Amethyst contains anti-inflammatory properties that will instantly reduce swelling.  Massing gently under the eyes with amethyst increases circulation to release fluid.  Be sure to use a smooth tumbled stone not one with ragged edges or unsmooth surface to avoid damaging the skins.  Rub gently around the eyes without pulling the skin for about 2 minutes to see results in about 15 minutes.

Amethyst will also help to reduce feelings of anxiety and fear.

Moonstone will help to increase hair growth.  I wear two large moonstones and my hair is healthy and to my waist.

Moonstones help to detoxify the scalp and hair follicles removing hair product buildup and excess oil that can prevent hair growth.  You can create your own elixir by placing a moon tone into a spray bottle of filtered cool water, let it sit overnight and then mist onto dry or wet hair and massage into your scalp with your fingers.  Repeat every other day for thicker hair in 30 days.  

Moonstone also helps to clear the mind reducing stress.

Black Tourmaline helps you to smooth wrinkles

Black Tourmaline is often referred to as the retinol of crystals as research shows when rubbed on the skin the stone stimulates circulation increasing collagen production to plump up skin and restore elasticity so that fine lines are reduced.

Make sure your black tourmaline is a smooth tumbled stone and then massage the wrinkled areas for two minutes.  Use daily and you should see results in about 3 weeks.  

Black Tourmaline also releases negative self-doubt and helps restore positive emotional coherence.

Adventurine helps to relieve itchy skin.  The stone's vibration encourages skin cell repair to release dry patches and soothe rashy flare-ups.  Place a smooth tumbled stone into a bottle of your regular body lotion (organic) and apply daily.

Adventurine also helps to reduce restlessness so that you sleep more soundly.  Remember you need 7 hours of sleep to keep your telomeres at a healthy length.

Jade helps to reduce redness.  A cool to the touch jade roller sliding across the ruddy areas of your skin calms inflamed complexion by constricting blood vessels which reduces the redness.

Jade is also a great energy booster.

Gua Sha is used to massage the neck and face boosting circulation by 400%.  This helps the lymph to move more freely draining toxins that will alleviate any bloat build up.

Sephora has the Gua Sha Facial Lifting tool.  You apply 2 or 3 drops of your favorite facial oil to your skin and place the crystal massager flat against your skin and move in a gentle upward motion around the entire face and neck for five minutes.  

I love my Crystals.  Crystals love a full moon bath.  So on the next full moon place your crystals outside if you have a protected area that the full moon energy can clear and recharge your stones energies.  So enjoy your new beauty.  I love you!

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