May 19, 2019

Get Slimmer Quickly With These Tips

Remember do not start any new nutritional or exercise program without consulting your health care practitioner first.

1.  Start your day with Avacado Toast or scrambled eggs topped with avocado.  The monounsaturated fats signal to your brain that you are full.  I do my best to avoid Gluten so find a good gluten-free alternative if you are gluten sensitive.

2.  A diet rich in casein (a protein in milk) slows the rate of digestion by 33% so you will feel full longer if you have a glass of milk before a meal.  You have to decide if milk is for you.

3.  Researchers have found that if you breathe in a vanilla-scented candle before eating it fools your mind into thinking you have indulged in the desert.  You want to assure that your candle and scent are not synthetic to create toxicity.  Organic or as close ass possible essential oils are the best.  I use Doterra essential oils.  You could just inhale the vanilla essential oil rather than a candle. 

4.  Water is always a good way to help increase your metabolism.  Researchers found that by drinking 2 glasses of water you can up your metabolism by 30% for an hour. 

5.  Researchers have found that by literally pausing 15 seconds after each bite you can trim as much as 200 calories from your meal.

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