April 19, 2017

Ageless Living 2 continued

So I started Ageless 2 last night.  The introductory money series to move from Struggle to Thrival!  This series is releasing the individual body/mine restrictions on being able to be as ageless as our Soul's.  Our DNA was wired not only for enslavement but to the separation from our Soul's.  There is zero reason that we cannot rewire our DNA to be able to hold the high vibration of consciousness levels of 560 and above.  It just means you make a committment to wanting to live in the Homo Luminous vibration of Thrival and be willing to create, attain, and maintain the appropriate action strategies to live the Ageless Thrival Journey.  You can sign of up for the raw first pilot of Ageless right now.  You can jump into Ageless 2 at any point and then listen to the recordings to catch up on the clearings...and yes...you will have plenty of money and family and friends and lovers/spouses/companions for as long as you chose.  It is your birth right of Free Will and Choice!

I love you!

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