October 19, 2018

Quick Tips to Whiter Teeth and Nixing Brain Fog and Fatigue

We now understand the detrimental health effects of sugar.  It is as addictive as narcotics can be.  According to neurologist David Perlmutter, M.D.  when you consume less sugar you lower your risk of cognitive decline, memory lapses and even dementia as much as 45%.  Have a sweet tooth, welcome to the club.  My Dad, Elwood, had the candy shack as my children would refer to his office, stacked with boxes of candy, that he enjoyed allowing his grandchildren to raid until he died of, big surprise, a heart attack.  Sugar is one of the biggest contributors to cardiac disease.  My Dad didn't smoke (although exposed daily to second-hand smoke) have high blood pressure, or high cholesterol (lol we know that is being taken off the table as a big cardiac problem causer), but he was obese and didn't exercise.  He ate tons of tons of sugar daily.

Remember to check with your healthcare practitioner before undertaking any new nutritional, exercise or health program.

Sugar Fix Fixer:  Stir 1sp of lime juice into 8 oz of water and sip.  Lime's see-tart flavour activates the brain region that increases self-control in the prefrontal cortex of your brain, to shut off the sugar cravings in about 30 seconds.

Clenching Your Fist:  A study done by the National University of Singapore revealed that clenching your fist tightens the muscles in your hand sending a signal to your brain that it needs a burst of mental energy. The increased mental energy makes it easier to avoid the sugar temptation. 

Protein:  If you have an overabundance of sugar cravings check your protein intake.  Increasing your protein through protein shakes or other types of protein will reduce sugar cravings and increase your energy levels.

Smiling:  If you live at a hectic pace taking time for humour and smiling will reduce your sugar cravings.  Watch a funny sitcom, online funny videos or memes.  Smiling and a humour break can reduce your sugar cravings by 55% says the research team at the University of Leeds.  Feeling happy reduces cortisol, the stress hormone that promotes the desire to eat sugar.

Rubbing Your Feet: Researchers at the University of Miami say that the production of appetite reducing hormones drops significantly when you are tired.  Rubbing your feet, especially your arches trigger the release of the appetite reducing hormones...so self-care can include your own foot rubs or get your significant other to rub your feet while you rub theirs.  

Doodling:  Who knew.  Spend five minutes drawing the food you want to eat and it can reduce the craving to actually put it into your mouth to eat by 55 %. Drawing forces the brain to visualize the details of the food and then your brain thinks its already eaten it.  

Whiter Teeth

Whiten and brighten by swishing coconut oil in your mouth for 5 to 10 minutes daily.  Anti-bacterial compounds reduce plaque within seven days by killing harmful bacteria in the mouth.  The results are brighter teeth, healthier gums and fresher breath.

Activated charcoal detoxes your teeth by drawing out toxins, absorbing stains and killing bacteria that cause bad breath.  Use micronized activated charcoal to gently absorb stains with damaging your teeth.  Also if you pre-brush your teeth with a dry brush first for 60 seconds.  Check with your dentist first before trying any new dental programs.

Love, Light and Gratitude to you all!

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