March 5, 2019

Nancy Young Hennesy Waddington Nov. 11, 1955- Feb 24, 2019

I felt something was wrong with either Nancy or maybe two other women I knew, the morning of February 24, 2019!  I hunted through  FB, but nothing.  Hmmm, I thought, just a wrinkle in the energy.  And went about doing my thing.

Elle has agility every Sunday at 2pm.  Driving home my daughter called and asked, where are you?  Driving home.  I have hands free.  She said pull over I have horrible sad news.  ok...I am pulled over...My daughter went, Mom, I am so sorry, Auntie Nancy is dead...

Nancy and I met when we were 15.  She was going to Woodlands High School in Nanaimo, B.C. and me at Barsby.  Instant friendship.  Her unexpected, because it was so ridiculously short from the cancer diagnosis, transition Feb 24, 2019 knocked me down no matter our immortality.  I don't believe in the traditional version of death as we are all conscious energy and when our Soul chooses to leave it's just exiting its current vehicle for the lessons we came to learn.  But knocked me back because you know you won't see the Nancy you see in this existence again.  Pure shock and grief poured in for Nancy, her amazing husband Brian, her children, Adam, Ryan, Rebeccas, Shannon and Debbie and all of her grandchildren.  Grief for her extended family and her many, many friends.  As one of her friends said, she was loved by all and will be so missed.

On the 25th when I woke up I thought my head and heart would explode from the sorrow I could feel.  Another friend had said she was at peace....ah nope...when she transitioned she came into the higher frequency happy to feel well but she was really pissed off.  Monday the 25th I went to the beach off-leash park to meditate and on my way home from the dog park after letting Elle and Bella have their daily play with their friends, looked over to the passenger seat and there she was...Looking at me going what the f..k Cath, I was having the best time of my life and I chose to go...why??  I want to go back...and then she went...Cath, can you shut those two in the back seat up.  They won't leave me alone.   

I started laughing as in the back was Lionel her husband of 25 years, father of her children who had transitioned from lung cancer March 14, 2005, and her brother Dr. Peter who had transitioned from HIV/AIDS in November of 1992.  They were dressed in some kind of choir/angel wear is the best way to describe them...clapping and singing some version of coming around or over the mountain in absolute joy at having Nancy back with them.  I did what I could to get them to tone it down but they weren't having it.  So Nancy and I just chatted over the joyful din as I knew she would come to the understanding of all once her shock passed at passing so fast.  

We went through our life together...the boyfriends, our marriages, our children and our grandchildren.  Lionel and Peter's deaths were huge trauma's.  Peter was diagnosed with Aids in 1986 at a time when people thought it was the plague come to finish off humanity.  And being a Doctor it was such a taboo.  The diagnosis was devastating to Nancy as was navigating through the emotions of watching him slowly die.  

Peter worked with some amazing people who produced the Dr. Peter Diaries which was groundbreaking HIV/AIDS education and you can read more here:  The Diaries series was nominated for an academy award,  Nancy and Lionel went to the academy awards and I remember her telling me about the dinner they went to.  Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin were married then and she said they lit up the room when they walked in as they were so beautiful together.  The Diaries didn't win but what a victory for Peter, Nancy and their family to be nominated and shine the light on such amazing education that helped change the perception of HIV/AIDS. 

I was there with Nancy when Peter transitioned and it was brutally painful for her as they were so close.  Shortly before Peter transition, he founded the Dr. Peter Aids Foundation.  Peter's lasting legacy has positively enhanced so many lives and Nancy was always so proud.  If you would like to know about Peter and how you can help: . And so life went on for Nancy and Lionel and the children as they grew.

Nancy got me through my divorce from my children's father.  It was a terrorizing time for me as I was shifting from the stay at home wife and mother into taking the kids and going to university to get a degree and start companies.  Everyone thought I was crazy to step out, especially my parents, but for a few of my friends.  Nancy stewarded me through.  I said to her years later how did you stand that.  She said you would phone up to 9 times a day crying but not complaining, just inching forward and she said I wasn't not going to help you move forward and you did it.  Ya I did it with her having my back.  No matter what she always had my back and does in her higher frequency now, as for all of her family and friends. 

I got an email from a friend that I had best call Nancy right away.  That was late January 2005...I did.  The call was devastating as Lionel had been diagnosed with Lung cancer.  My mother had died of the same type of lung cancer in 5 months from diagnosis in 2000, so my fear was running high.  I was living in Toronto and getting married in May, but I hopped a plane as soon as I could to visit, add what comfort I could and say goodbye to Lionel.  11:11 March 14, 2005 he was gone.  Torn away in his prime so suddenly as her Peter.  And Nancy moved forward, not easily as grief was hard...5 children to nurture through and all that that brings.  And she was magnificent in her calm resolve.

Sometime in 2010, she was introduced to Brian Waddington.  And he quite literally brought the sunshine back into her soul. The conversations we had were those after knowing her for almost 40 years had never been discussed.  Brian brought out the adventuresome side of Nancy in the absolute best way.  They got married in February 2013 and a few of her friends and I crashed the wedding.  It was incredible and we knew she was on her way to some of the best times of her life.

Nancy is such a much-loved daughter, sister, wife, mother, Glamma and friend.  Nancy brought love, peace, calmness and so much fun into all she did throughout her life.  She lived well and is so missed by all who knew and loved her.

Our Souls chose who and when we come into this world to learn our Soul's lessons through our chosen human experiences.  From our moment of conception throughout our lives, we have death doors we can take and death themes to choose from, again for our Soul's matter the short or the long of the life...All is our choice.  When the Soul completes its chooses the door and the theme to finish up.  Why such a short, swift exit strategy is about love, loss and zippity out the door home to our frequency.  And then for Nancy the contemplation of WTF...I was having the time of my life on earth.  Well, now she understands the time of her life continues without the linear time and it is eternal as she was reunited with all she loved who had transitioned prior to her.

I am so glad I spent years training and honing my intuition and facilitating skills enabling me to stay connected to your frequency beauty...its not quite the same as being able to hug you and listen to you giggle...but eternally connected in the Oneness together brings comfort to me as the shock has worn off of your untimely departure from this plane of existence.  I hope in time it brings comfort to Shirley, Brian, Adam, Ryan, Rebecca, Shannon and Debbie and all of your beautiful grandchildren, your extended family and friends.

I am so grateful to you Nancy, as it was one of the greatest gifts to me, to have shared so much time with you on this earthly plane. I look forward to all of our higher frequency adventures as you have joined Brenda and Lee on our combined Omniverse mission.  I love you beauty, always have and always will!  I will see you on the flip side!

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