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The I AM Positive Virtues Card Reader and Creator Downloads

by Catherine Pagliaro

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The work is based on my co-founded Ascend Protocols work with Clayten Stedmann.  The Ascended Protocols is 1000 out of 1000 on the David Hawkins consciousness scale which is the pure unconditional love of the Creator of All That Is energies of the Omniverse.  If you want more information on Ascend Protocols please contact me.

There will be a $1.97 per month subscription fee after the first play.  This work will help you raise your personal consciousness to implement Heaven on Earth within while raising the collective consciousness to anchor the Golden Age of Miracles for every species and life here on our Mother Earth!

You can pick one, two or three cards at a time.  This is our soft launch.  There is a total of 110 cards with recorded downloads.  We have put up what is complete and will add the rest as we finish the cards, the reading, and the download.  

Our character is reflected in our behaviors and our behaviors are influenced by our belief and value system. 

Our Souls came to Earth to learn, master and complete the Positive Virtues as they are high consciousness thought patterns that move past the speed of light to bend space and time.

Once you master, complete or remember the positive virtue you have mastered a high consciousness thought form and the thought form can connect to a Law of the Universe to work in unison with it.  The Laws make up the fabric of the Omniverse.  Every Law of the Universe has positive virtues that once mastered, blended together in the appropriate way and used with love, kindness, and compassion, will allow you to bend and work with that particular Law. 

Negative thoughts and vices that are attached in any way need to be released in order to master a virtue.  Virtues and Vices are the fundamental truth to the duality that exists on Earth.  We are committed to helping communities around the world continue to raise their inner personal levels of consciousness so that we experience the rising in the collective consciousness so that we anchor the Golden Age of Miracles upon us now.  Our work together will also help us to have Mother Earth pull back on the 6th mass extinction which will negatively impact humanity.  Mother Earth can and will pull back into support humanity once she feels the tipping point into the level of consciousness of peace and harmony.  Thank you!  I am grateful to you!  I love you!

Pick Your Cards Here

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