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Astrology for 2019

by Maya White

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Happy New Year! Hopefully you have some time today to give though to the year ahead and get some clarity on what you intend for 2019. It's really a good time for setting up the year because the Sun is joined with Saturn this week. Saturn solidifies your intentions into reality!

This year blasts off with a New Moon solar eclipse on the 5th! And next, on January 21st, a Full Moon Supermoon lunar eclipse. The early eclipse season opens up possibilities, inviting you to leave the past behind.

Ancient sky watchers, the early astronomers and astrologers, were able to predict eclipses through what is known as the Saros Cycle. Each eclipse also has a prophetic quality; some are ominous, some are favorable. The ones this month are quite beneficial.

The January 2019 eclipses are grouped in the Saros Cycle '2 South' and they have an interesting signature. To quote Bernadette Brady (Predictive Astrology, the Eagle and the Lark) : 'This eclipse is concerned with unusual groups whose concerns could be with healing, the arts, or the love of humanity. The individual will feel that he or she will gain a great deal.

January 2019 Horoscopes

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