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7 Tips to Help You Accomplish your 2019 New Year's Resolutions

by Catherine Pagliaro

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1.  There are some things in your personal and professional life you would like to change. Think about simple realistic actionable resolutions you can ease into as required.  Going cold turkey may be best but if not possible think about the ease into it an action plan. 

Have you heard of the SMART acronym? It’s a great way to help you set an achievable goal. Here’s what it stands for:

Specific- When you set a broad goal it becomes harder to achieve. So instead of saying “I would like to pay off debt in 2018” you could say “I am going to pay off my credit card with weekly $50.00 payments”.

Measurable - You need to measure your results. Find out how much interest you pay monthly and x it by 12.  Once you have paid off the credit card you will have that interest money available for extra rewards.

Attainable - You want a realistic goal. If $50 a week is stretching things find a figure that will work without killing your budget.

Relevant – Is your resolution part of your overall life plan professionally or personally or both.  If you want to lose weight, then reducing your sugar or alcohol intake could help, as well as exercising more regularly.

Time-bound - You want to determine how long it will be before your debt is paid down. For example, “By making these weekly repayments, it will take me six months until my debt is gone.”  It will take me three months to lose 20 pounds.

2.  Take 10 to 15 minutes in meditation to sit quietly with these intentions you would like to set and visualize the actions you will take daily, weekly, monthly to accomplish these resolutions.  Visualize, feel and see yourself realizing these resolutions and what your life is like as you meet each resolution.

3.  Write down your New Years Resolution intentions with the action tasks you need to take daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly.  Are these intentions that can be met in a week, month, 3 months, 6 months or a year.  If not then revise them until they make sense and feel achievable.

4.  Identify the resources you will need to accomplish these resolutions.  Is it a gym membership, support group, money?  List the resources you have available now and those you need to get to meet your goals and assure you have the resources ready so those resources don't become an easy excuse to give up on your resolution.

5.  Identify any unconscious programming or fears you may have from blocking your resolutions, clear them and reset your resolutions.

6.  Accountability through community and or support buddies. Enlist the help of a friend or your community by sharing your resolutions and asking for their help in keeping you on track.

7.  Daily mindful meditation and gratitude on making your daily, weekly and monthly action tasks to achieve your resolutions without judgment if you miss a mark.  Through daily meditation and gratitude, you give thanks for all you have achieved and reset any of those that you may have missed until you have reached every resolution.

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